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13 Small But Fascinating Details Fans Noticed About 'The Matrix'

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Despite coming out in 1999, The Matrix remains one of the most beloved, discussed, and dissected movies ever. Fans are always noticing new details that illuminate the first film in the Wachoskis' franchise in interesting ways. Below, we rounded up some of the most fascinating details fans shared on this groundbreaking movie.

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    The Guy Buying Software Gives Away The Whole Plot

    From Redditor u/wadesizzl:

    The guy who buys software off of Neo basically gives away the whole plot in his very few lines of dialogue.

    Choi: Hallelujah, you’re my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ.

    Neo: If you get caught using that …

    Choi: Yeah, I know. This never happened. You don’t exist.

    Neo: Right

    Choi: Something wrong, man? You look a little whiter than usual.

    Neo: My computer, it … You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming.

    Choi: All the time. It’s called mescaline. It’s the only way to fly. Hey, look, it just sounds to me like you need to unplug, man.

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    Agent Smith's Suit Reflects His Rogue Status

    From Redditor u/Deggit:

    Inside the Matrix, everything is tinted green. But when Agent Smith becomes a rogue program, his suit turns charcoal black like Neo's clothes, while the other Agents keep the green tint.

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    The Room Number Reveals Neo Is At The Wrong Door

    From Redditor u/WizzlyG33:

    When Neo is searching for the ringing phone in the apartment building, he walks into apartment 303. HTTP Status Code 303 (See Other) is returned when the requested resource is available at another location. Neo checked the wrong apartment and was shot point blank.

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    Neo Is Only Moving In Reality

    From Redditor u/toQuestionEverything:

    Neo is given a choice of Reality (red pill) or Wonderland (blue pill). In the reflection in Morpheus's glasses, we see Neo reach for the red pill in one lens, but in the other lens, he isn't moving, suggesting he reaching for the red pill in reality.