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14 Small But Fascinating Details Fans Noticed About Star Trek: The Next Generation

August 5, 2020 2.5k votes 335 voters 19.6k views14 items

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Star Trek: The Next Generation is as beloved as The Original Series and has been around long enough for super fans to rewatch the show dozens of times. In all those rewatches, the fans noticed some amazing details and hopped online to share their discoveries. We collected the most fascinating details below.

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    The First Real Astronaut On The Show Made History

    From Redditor u/k0ella

    In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dr. Mae Jemison plays the first astronaut to appear in the show. She is also the first Black woman to go to space.

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    Geordi Is A Role Model

    From IMDB

    After the second season, producers planned to establish that Geordi had undergone an experimental medical procedure to permanently restore his natural eyesight and eliminate use of his VISOR. However, recognizing that the character had become a positive role model for the disabled community, producers dropped the plan.

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    Darth Vader And Marty McFly Are Buried Here

    From Redditor u/Smoozle

    In season 7, episode 14, the headstones reference both Star Wars and Back to the Future with headstones that read "Vader" and "McFly."

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    The El Baz Is Named For A Famous NASA Scientist

    From IMDB

    The "El-Baz," one of the Enterprise's most frequently seen shuttle craft, was named for Farouk El-Baz, a NASA scientist who helped train the astronauts during the Apollo program.

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