Tiny Movie Cameos By Super Famous People

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Some actors have perfected the art of making a cameo. They can drop in and delight you for a minute or two, and still make it home in time for dinner. The actors, singers, and athletes on this list have made some of the smallest, yet most memorable movie cameos in film history - including a few who popped up in remakes of their own previous work.

When you're starring in a film - whether in a lead role or a significant (if surprising) supporting part - you've got two hours to shine and deliver a memorable performance. But if you've only got one scene, it's even more difficult to make a lasting impressionWhether these actors enjoy wearing goofy costumes and spending time with their friends on set, or were trying to stay relevant in the ever-changing pop culture scene, theirs are some of the best movie cameos ever.

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Photo: Zombieland / Sony Pictures Releasing