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Small Details Fans Noticed About Action-Adventure Heroes

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Many of cinema's greatest heroes belong to the action-adventure genre. No wonder: they're master fighters and explorers. Having command of both disciplines means that action-adventure heroes produce double the entertainment, and double the small details. 

Check out this list of eagle-eyed details that fans noticed about Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, Inigo Montoya, Gandalf the Grey/White, and many others.

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    Most Of The Guns Are Fake In 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' Except Jack Sparrow's

    Photo: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End / Buena Vista Pictures

    Johnny Depp was armed with a couple real 18th century pistols to play Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. All of the other pistols in the film, including Jack's stunt guns, are fake/reproductions. Redditor u/Numerous-Lemon recognized this fact, while a behind-the-scenes documentary provided supplementary details.

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    The Gas Pedal Of Furiosa's War Rig Is A Foot Measuring Device

    Photo: Mad Max: Fury Road / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Redditor u/timidGO pointed out this unique Mad Max: Fury Road detail, identifying the repurposed product as a Brannock Device, while Redditor u/k0tus explained its practicality: "...the sliding portion in the front can be extended to meet the lock piece, keeping the pedal down without having a foot on it."

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    Owen Grady Carries A Marlin 1895 Rifle

    Photo: Jurassic World / Universal Pictures

    Firearms fanatics will appreciate this Jurassic World detail unto itself. The rest of you will be more excited to know that, after the film's release, the manufacturer listed that exact rifle as being rated for bear, deer, hog, moose, and...T. rex!

    Credit goes to a couple sharpshooting Redditors for making this connection.

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    Aragorn Wore Boromir's Bracers After His Death

    Redditor u/ImTheTroutman noticed that Aragorn can be seen wearing Boromir's bracers following his tragic demise. It turns out Aragorn is actually shown putting them on after Boromir's funeral, but many people (including us) missed it.

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