Small Details Fans Noticed About Love-Em-Or-Hate-Em 'Harry Potter' Characters

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The Harry Potter film franchise has no shortage of meaningful, important characters - heroes and villains who shape the course of Hogwarts' narrative, for better or worse. That said, these characters can be polarizing. Some fans love them. Others hate them. In either case, you may have missed some incredible small details about these characters in the films.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, for example, after Draco Malfoy claims he was harmed by Buckbeak, he uses the very arm in question to take a swipe at Neville Longbottom. Some details leave room for speculation. In Chamber of Secrets, for example, Professor Lockhart has a blond wig on his desk that is never mentioned. Could he actually be bald?

Check out this list of small details fans noticed about love-'em-or-hate-'em characters from the Harry Potter movies.