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Small But Impressive Details About Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

September 11, 2020 2.2k votes 284 voters 38.7k views16 items

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Hugh Jackman completely embodied Wolverine. James Mangold's Logan arguably solidified that fact by perfectly rounding out his character's story with an arc as tragic as the moment called for. These small Wolverine details will make you appreciate the beloved X-Men character even more, if it's possible. 

It can be hard to keep up with a timeline like X-Men: Days of Future Past, but the small details about Wolverine make it worth the rewatch. Did you notice any of these details in the older X-Men films as well as the new generation? Vote up the Wolverine details that leave you wanting more. 

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    Yukio Predicted Logan's Death

    The Wolverine doesn't get talked about as much these days even though it's one of the character's most important films. It's almost mindblowing the way Logan's story was tied together. From Redditor /u/thealexkidson:

    This moment in Logan (2017) predicted in The Wolverine (2013).

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    Wolverine's Arms And Claws Appear In 'The Greatest Showman'

    It's safe to say Hugh Jackman completely captured the character of Wolverine. So much so, his other films often reference this overwhelming fact. From Redditor /u/irie_feeling:

    This Wolverine Easter egg in the opening credits border of The Greatest Showman.


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    Logan Uses The Name 'James Howlett' On His Limo License

    The audience learns a lot about Old Man Logan in James Mangold's Logan. Even miniscule details give us an insight to how Wolverine is living day-by-day. From Redditor /u/thrill_gates:

    In Logan (2017), Wolverine drives a limo licenced under the name James Howlett. This is the birth name of Wolverine, though throughout the movies he's known as Logan.

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    The Kids Trim His Beard Into The Classics '80s Style

    In one of the only wholesome moments of Logan, the mutant children act starstruck over a wounded Wolverine. From Redditor /u/vinny265:

    In Logan, the mutant kids trim Logan's beard and mustache to look like he does in the X-Men comic books they read at at the facility they grew up in.

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