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Small Details And Trivia About Michael Myers You Might Have Missed

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Halloween franchise antagonist Michael Myers ranks pretty high among the most iconic slashers in horror movie history. This knife-wielding maniac has been described in-universe as "purely and simply...evil," and his eerily blank "face" and total wordlessness only add to that scary reputation.

Luckily, because he is so terrifyingly fun to watch, we've gotten to enjoy his appearances in countless films since the first Halloween in 1978, and fans have noticed quite a few small but interesting details about the character along the way. So scroll through and see if there's any little details you missed, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!


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    An Eye For An Eye

    Left posted by u/Heisenbro3556

    "In the poster for the new 2018 “Halloween”, it appears Michael Myers is missing his left eye. In the original 1978 “Halloween”, Laurie Strode stabbed Michael in the eye with a hanger."

    Right posted by u/origami_rock:

    "In Halloween (2018) Michael Myers has a milky eye from being stabbed with a coat hanger by Laurie Strode in 1978"

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    Scars Of The Past

    Posted by u/RockabillyOx:

    "In Halloween 2018 a scar is visible on Michael Myers neck from when Laurie Strode stabbed him with a knitting needle 40 years before in the original Halloween."

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    A Familiar Shape

    Posted by u/TheRussianDoctor:

    "During the opening credits of Halloween (2018) the camera slowly zooms in on the pumpkin, making the carved eye and nose look like the silhouette of Michael Myers holding a knife."

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    Location, Location, Location

    Posted by u/SchlauerMann:

    "In John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978), the escalation of events is also shown visually. Starting with open suburban areas, the scenes become more confined as Myers approaches, concluding in a cramped wardrobe."

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