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Small Details About Ash From The 'Evil Dead' Franchise That Made Us Say, 'Groovy'

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Back in 1981, Sam Raimi's Evil Dead made its debut, introducing the world to Ashley "Ash" J. Williams, an unlikely hero who would save the world time and time again from the undead. Since his debut, Ash has made the rounds, appearing in movies, TV shows, comic books, and videogames, earning his rightful place in horror history. He was even voted the greatest horror movie character of all time by Empire Magazine. 

In honor of Ash, here are a few select tidbits, details, and trivia you might know about the man with the chainsaw hand. Vote up the grooviest details. 


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    Super Handy

    Over the years and across many forms of media, Ash's missing hand has had many forms, including:

    * Chainsaw
    * Metal gauntlet with a vice-like grip
    * Wooden hand
    * Sword
    * Flame-thrower
    * Harpoon
    * Sword
    * Spatula
    * Rocket launcher
    * Razor for shaving
    * Gatling gun
    * Robot gun

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    Book Smart

    Posted by u/YetiFromJersey:

    After Ash cuts his arm off in Evil Dead 2, he covers the severed hand in a bucket and a stack of books with [Farewell to Arms] on top.

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    Name Game

    Bruce Campbell originally suggested that Ash's full name should be "Ash Holt" before Sam Raimi decided upon "Ashley J. Williams" for Army of Darkness. 

    In Ash vs. Evil Dead, it was revealed that the "J." stands for "Joanna."

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    The Perfect Gift

    Posted by u/Cyclone1969:

    In The Evil Dead (1981), Ash drops the necklace he had given his girlfriend. The chain forms a skull.

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