Fans And Friends Share Small Details About Bob Saget And His Work That Make Us Miss Him Even More

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The passing of Bob Saget was a blow for many fans who have spent the better part of three decades looking up to the comedian as both an inspiration and a father figure. He was well known for his "blue" sense of humor and incredible kindness to others, and fans and friends of the funnyman took to social media to share small details most people probably didn't know.

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    A Kind Gesture For A Living Legend

    From Redditor u/mikewurtz:

    As a teenager, Bob Saget visited Larry Fine (of the Three Stooges) at the hospital where he was receiving long-term care.

    In an interview with David Felman, Saget stated:

    I told my mother I wanted to meet Larry Fine personally, because I saw him speak at the school. He had a stroke and was onstage in a wheelchair talking about the old films and shorts they made years before and how difficult it was. I was compelled to hear about it. I had my mother drive me to the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills and I would visit Larry… 

    I would bring 8mm films because I had these silent films from Blackhawk Films out of Davenport, Iowa. And I ran a projector in his room… 

    Listen to the full interview here. 

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    Alyson Hannigan Once Worked For Saget As A Babysitter

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    First In Line

    First In Line
    Photo: Netflix / ABC

    In both Full House and Fuller House, Danny (Bob Saget) gets the first line of the series.

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    Danny And Uncle Joey Go Way Back

    Years before Dave Coulier played Uncle Joey, a struggling comedian who crashes at the Tanner house, Coulier was a struggling comedian to crashed with Bob Saget, staying on his couch while he was trying to make it in Los Angeles. 


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    Neil Patrick Harris Credited Saget As The Inspiration Of Barney Stinson

    Neil Patrick Harris Credited Saget As The Inspiration Of Barney Stinson
    Photo: How I Met Your Mother / CBS

    How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris once credited Bob Saget as the inspiration for Barney Stinson.

    In an interview with The Black Label, the actor stated: 

    My first big A-list party. And I walk in…and there in the middle of this giant great room, under a crystal chandelier, surrounded by a hoard of topless girls, just absolutely stunning women, tons of them, is Bob Saget wearing nothing but a pair of women’s thongs on his head and the biggest…smile…I’ve ever seen...

     So I’m standing there and I’m sure my jaw was on the floor, and Saget turns toward me, and I’ll never forget this, he says, 'Harris, don’t just stand there. Suit up!'

    And from that, Barney was born. 



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    Ted Is Also A Fan Of 'Full House'

    In the How I Met Your Mother episode "P.S. I Love You," Ted makes a reference Full House by using the “Cut It Out” joke usually associated with Uncle Joey.