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Small Details, Trivia, And Interesting Tidbits About 'Fargo' That Made Us Say 'You Betcha!'

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Over the years, the Coen brothers have created one memorable film after another, but 1996's Fargo stands as one of their biggest crowning achievements. The film's interesting take on the crime genre set in the Midwest earned heaps of awards for its unique storytelling and inspired generations of filmmakers.  

From the off-screen courtship between Marge and Norm to a hidden cameo from a beloved buddy of the Coen brothers, here are a few facts, trivia, and hidden details that are as interesting as heck. 

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    One Scene Is Based On A True Event

    From AMC's Set Notes: 

    The scene where the couple tries to make a deal with Jerry is based on Ethan Coen’s real-life encounter with a car salesman. Ethan Coen: “[It’s] almost a verbatim transcript of my experience.”

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    Perfectly Timed

    Posted by u/MisterT12

    In Fargo (1996), Carl says “30 minutes, Jerry we wrap this thing up.” There are exactly 30 minutes of the movie remaining.

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    Case Closed

    Posted by u/TheBuggaWump:

    The case that held the money in the film No Country for Old Men was also the same case that was used for the same purpose in Fargo (1996). Both movies are made by the Coen brothers.

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    Posted by u/bennetthaselton:

    The actress who played one of the prostitutes in Fargo was also one of the movie's dialect coaches and taught lead actress Frances McDormand the movie's signature "Yeah?"-"Yeah" head-nod.

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