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Small Details From 'The Cabin In The Woods' That Would Please The Ancient Ones

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The Cabin in the Woods is a beloved film for many horror fans. Its interpretation and subversion of various popular horror movie tropes, from dropping weapons and ignoring obvious warning signs to putting the "final girl" through absolute hell,  makes it both a love letter to and a satire of the genre.

Moreover, it's absolutely filled to the brim with references, easter eggs, and small details for endless rewatch value. So which little detail is your favorite? Read on and vote on all of them below!

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    Angering The Gods

    Photo: Lionsgate

    Posted by u/chabroni81

    The first time the blood ritual is done with Julie, the blood pours down the carving and everything is still. When Marty "dies" the blood pours down and everything starts to rumble, [this is] due to the demons downstairs being angry. Marty didn't actually die, and that's the wrong blood.

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    Chaos On Every Screen

    Photo: Lionsgate

    Posted by u/killerroo220:

    The scene with the monitors was described in one sentence in the script, "there is chaos on every screen". Each kill was individually filmed and played back on the screens for this scene. [Drew Goddard] said was the most difficult part of the movie to film.

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    Monsters From Real Life

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    Posted by u/TheLongGame:

    In one shot of the film we can see that there are KKK members locked in one of the cubes among all the other monsters.

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    An Ode To Japanese Horror

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    posted by u/annieujose:

    "Kiko - The Japanese floating girl ghost references: Yurei films (ex. The Grudge & The Ring.) [Seen in Japan]"

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