Small Details And Easter Eggs From 2001 Horror Movies That Make Us Nostalgic For More

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Film fans and horror aficionados feeling nostalgic for aughties horror have taken to social media and Reddit to share their favorite small (and sometimes hidden) details in movies released in 2001. From Hannibal to Joy Ride, here are a few Easter eggs, tasty tidbits, and interesting factoids about favorite movies from 2001 that are worth celebrating.

  • Released February 8, 2001

    From Redditor u/VintagePoet82:

    In Hannibal (2001), the courtyard pigeons form his likeness in the opening credits, becoming clearest at the 4:27 mark.

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  • Released September 28, 2001

    In Don't Say a Word, Brittany Murphy improvised the creepy sing-song way in which she says her famous line, "I'll never tell..."

    Watch the trailer here.

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    Little Voices In 'Thirteen Ghosts'

    Posted by u/thebladex777:

    As the lawyer gets cut in half by the glass doors, there is a slow droning voice, and if you speed it up x4, it is a female voice (the Angry Princess) saying, "Nobody cares."

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  • Released October 19, 2001

    In the film From Hell, Jack the Ripper lures his victims using grapes. In the actual police reports, grape stems were allegedly found at the scene of one of the murders.

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  • Released February 2, 2001

    From IMDb:

    When Jeremy Melton/Adam Carr asks each girl for a dance, they each state a mean comment right after he asks them. This foreshadows each of the girls' [fates]:

    - Shelley: "In your dreams, loser" - Dies lying down in a sleeping position.

    - Lily: "Eww!" - Receives maggots in a chocolate box and her body lands in a dumpster.

    - Paige: "I'd rather be boiled alive." - Gets thrown into a hot tub and is later electrocuted.

    - Dorothy: "He attacked me!" - Makes everyone believe she was "attacked" by Jeremy after being caught kissing him behind the bleachers. Jeremy/Adam makes everyone believe that all the killings were Dorothy's doing.

    - Kate: "Maybe later, Jeremy." - Jeremy/Adam lets Kate live since she is the only girl that did not insult him and wasn't mean to him. She does eventually dance with Adam and have a relationship with him.

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  • Released October 26, 2001

    From Redditor u/AyoTrevs:

    During the library scene in Thirteen Ghosts (2001), Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham) can be seen in the background. [His character was thought dead,] but later on in the movie, it is revealed that he has been alive the whole time.

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