Small Details Fans Noticed In Love-Em-Or-Hate-Em Movies

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Whether they are sequels, reboots, or new twists on the originals, some movies will forever have a love-em-or-hate-em status. Fans on both sides will argue endlessly as to why these movies should be adored or thrown in the trash, but it's not often that either faction takes a look at the minor details that make them pop, for better or worse. For example, in 2009's Star Trek, the Enterprise has some tech straight out of a public bathroom; keep an eye out for a Dyson hand dryer mounted on the wall. Some of these details are more symbolic. In The Dark Knight Rises, you'll notice that Bruce Wayne is the only person not wearing a mask at the masquerade party, certainly because appearing as Bruce Wayne is his disguise. There are even details with some pretty impressive real-life continuity. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Lupin sleeps on the train ride not simply because he's tired, but because the night prior he would have turned into a werewolf.

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