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12 Small Details Fans Noticed In Mars Movies That We Missed The First Time

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Outer space films have long lured audiences with their promise of scientific accuracy and futuristic tech. Films set on Mars offer viewers a peek about what another life would be like on the red planet. With interesting characters and fantastical landscapes, film fans hardly tire of the subgenre. 

More than a few fans have managed to catch impossibly small details from these outer space movies. From taking the time to calculate travel times in The Martian to puns you don't want to miss, eagle-eyed viewers are here to let us know. Take a look at these movie details and vote up the the most interesting details fans found in Mars movies.

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    Top Shelf Tech

    From Redditor u/Mouthmouthmouth:

    In Total Recall (1990), the guards have fancy sci-fi wrist computers that are really just calculators.

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    Carter's Business

    From Redditor u/chitpance:

    In John Carter (2012) you see the name of John Carters company is "Two Moons" and Mars has two moons.

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    Technical Accuracy

    From Redditor u/munkijunk:

    In The Martian, one of the techs remarks that two way communication takes 32 minutes. The distance to Mars from Earth varies between 55 million - 406 million Km. This puts Mars at ~ 288 million Km from earth at that point in the film, compounding Watney's problems.

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    Mark's Fondness Of Fonzie

    From Redditor u/HellotoHorse:

    In The Martian (2015) the only thing Mark has to watch while on Mars is Happy Days, this influences his decision to pose as Fonzie when asked to take a photo by NASA.

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