Small Details From Underrated Sci-Fi Horror Movies

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When thinking about sci-fi horror movies, classics like Alien and The Thing tend to come to mind first. These aren't the only chill-inducing flicks that deserve our attention, though. Some of the more underrated movies in the genre-- Re-Animator and Dark City, for example-- are truly terrifying and, as fans online point out, have some amazing small details. In Event Horizon, per a request from star Sam Neill, Dr. Weir's uniform features an Aboriginal flag instead of Australia's Union Jack, as the actor thought it provided a potential glimpse into the future. Some movies use homage to tease their thrills. In Deep Blue Sea, a license plate from the original Jaws makes a cameo appearance. There are even details that help create plot continuity. In Hollow Man, the scientists are able to make a latex skinsuit for Sebastian later on in the movie because they have plenty of material from their skin-toned work gloves.

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