Small Details Fans Noticed In Famous Sword-Fighting Scenes

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Sword fights are cinematic gold. They aren't particularly common, but they're usually memorable and they're staples of some of the greatest movies of all time. Even Star Wars has dozens of amazing sword fights if you broaden "sword" to include lightsabers.

We kept Star Wars off this list, but we have almost a dozen other movies represented. Here are small details about sword-fighting scenes in those movies.

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    When The Kurgan And Ramirez Fight In 'Highlander,' A Stone Wall Breaks And Reveals A Person Dressed In Modern Clothing

    As Redditor u/LemonAndVanillaCake described, "when Kurgan fights Ramirez a stone wall is destroyed showing a man in a modern suit attempting to get out of frame." user abathgate deduced that the person is a crew member who was in charge of the stones.


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    During Their Fight In 'The Princess Bride,' Inigo Tries To Trick The Man In Black By Switching To His Off-Hand

    Redditor u/HawkeyeJones explained that "Inigo uses a right-handed sword scabbard and switches his sword to his left after drawing, but the Man in Black has a variable back-mounted scabbard. So the Man in Black knows that Inigo is fighting with his off-hand before they even begin." Over 15,000 Redditors found this detail impressive enough to upvote it. 

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    In 'The Princess Bride,' Inigo Injures Rugen In The Same Places Where Rugen Injured Him

    During their duel, Count Rugen stabs Inigo in the shoulder, arm, cheeks, and stomach, and Inigo eventually returns the favor. However, as Redditor u/GGJallDAY observed, Inigo's final target is Rugen's heart, which Rugen had symbollically injured when he killed Inigo's father.

    Credit goes to Redditor u/tinybenny for pointing this out.

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    During Her Fight With The Crazy 88 In 'Kill Bill: Volume 1,' Beatrix And Her Opponents Pay Tribute To Bruce Lee

    According to Redditor u/TheZeroKing, Beatrix wears a jumpsuit similar to the one Bruce Lee wears in Game of Death, while the Crazy 88 wear masks that resemble what Lee wore for his role as Kato in The Green Hornet. The Redditor summarized the scene as "late stage career Bruce Lee fighting early stage career Bruce Lee."

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    The Duel Between Achilles And Hector In 'Troy' Is Legitimately Between Brad Pitt And Eric Bana (They Didn't Use Stunt Doubles)

    As Redditor u/shre3293 pointed out, this fight is the real deal. Additionally, Pitt and Bana had a gentleman's agreement where one would pay the other for accidental strikes: "$50 for slight infractions and $100 for major hits." Pitt ended up owing Bana $750 while Bana owed Pitt $200.

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    During The Battle Of The Black Gate In 'Return of the King,' The Troll That Aragorn Fights Is Superimposed Over Sauron

    As Redditor u/xxmindtrickxx put it, "In the final battle of Return of the King, Aragorn's troll fight was originally filmed to be vs. Sauron. In the fight he stabs 'Sauron's' foot, mimicking the 7th and permanent wound Fingolfin gave Morgoth as he was crushed under his foot." They actually filmed the scene with an actor in Sauron armor but later replaced him with a CGI Olog-hai (a troll under the Ring's influence).

    This is not really a small detail, since Sauron's inclusion would have completely changed the focus of the scene. That is exactly why Peter Jackson scrapped it.

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