Small But Precocious Details We Learned About 'Matilda' That Would Make Miss Honey Proud

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"No more Miss Nice Girl!"

Since its debut back in 1996, the movie Matilda has been a happy place for countless kids, kids at heart, and anyone that feels just a little powerless at times. The adaptation of the Roald Dahl book has become a beloved classic that many folks revisit when they need a little magic in their hum-drum lives. Over the years, fans of both the movie and the book have shared small details and enchanting facts about the film. Here is a small selection of interesting tidbits that just might be as sweet as Bruce's chocolate cake. 

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    Matilda Didn't Dance Alone

    Posted by u/Flying-Camel:

    Mara Wilson in Matilda was embarrassed about dancing on her own during "Little Bitty Pretty One" scene, so Danny DeVito made everyone in the studio dance with her when filming.

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    Matilda's Parents Are The Complete Opposite Off-Screen

    Posted by u/Pickardie:

    During the filming of Matilda, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman - who played Matilda's parents - would take Mara Wilson on outings with their family to help the actress cope with her mother's battle, and eventual death, from cancer.

    The movie is dedicated to her memory. 

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    How They Did The Chalkboard Scene

    In the special features commentary, director and star Danny DeVito explains that a magnet was used on the opposite side of the chalkboard to make it look like the chalk was writing on its own. Someone stood behind the chalkboard and wrote the message backwards, giving the appearance that the chalk was magical. 

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    Matilda's Reading Habits

    Posted by u/TomasZirak:

    At the end of Matilda (1996), Matilda mentions reading on a book that the heart of a mouse beats so fast it sounds like it's humming. This is a reference to the last chapter of The Witches, a book by Roald Dahl (who wrote the book Matilda is based on).