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They're Here: 14 Small Details You May Have Missed In 'Poltergeist'

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When supernatural horror film Poltergeist hit theaters in 1982, it absolutely terrified audiences. In fact, it still freaks us out today, rightfully being recognized as a classic within the horror genre. It even recieved Oscar nominations for its amazing score, sound effects, and visual effects. Then of course there was the infamous Poltergeist curse that haunted the movie and its crew even after the cameras stopped rolling. 

But as much as we want to cover our eyes during the scariest parts, there are actually some pretty cool details and easter eggs in many of the scenes - if you can bear to look around. See what you missed, and vote on your favorite little Poltergeist details below!

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    Canary In A Coal Mine

    Posted by u/PJ_Geese:

    "Much like how canaries were used in mineshafts to warn miners of toxic gas buildup, Tweety's death in the beginning of Poltergeist (1982) serves as a warning for the humans to get out of the house before they are harmed."

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    Room 237

    Posted by u/EmilioEarhart:

    "The time - 2:37 - on the TV set in Poltergeist (1982)... it's an intentional nod to Stanley Kubrick's own ghost movie, The Shining."

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    Unintentional Method Acting

    Posted by u/2RoamRome:

    "During the filming of Poltergeist (1982), the clown doll nearly really killed Robbie Freeling due to an animatronic error where the clown's arm constricted too tightly around his neck. When the actor started screaming and protesting he couldn't breathe, Spielberg thought he was improv acting"

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    Getting Handsy

    Posted by u/Dunkirk1917:

    "[In] the famous face peel scene... the hands peeling the face are actually Steven Spielberg's hands. He co-wrote the film."

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