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20 Small, Succulent Details & Trivia About 'Ratatouille' That Leave Us Hungry For More

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2007's Ratatouille is Pixar's Oscar-winning film about a little rat who hungered for more out of life. The story of the little chef born in a rodent's body is still a favorite among fans today not only because of the enduring story, but thanks to the dozens of the small details placed within the well-crafted movie.

Here is a small selection of tasty tidbits people have found in the rat tale. Vote up the delicious details that leave you hungry for more.  

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    The Mark Of A True Chef

    Posted by u/fenimore:

    In Ratatouille, Colette has a burn mark on her forearm from an oven rack, like many professional chefs.

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    A Well-Fed Ego

    Posted by Redditor u/mandydchew:

    At the end of Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille (2007) Anton Ego is a little bit fatter. This is especially poignant since he states, "I don't like food, I love it... if I don't love it I don't swallow."

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    Aiming For Accuracy

    Posted by u/Paulsify:

    In Ratatouille (2007) when Linguini is chopping leeks for the soup, you can see a green smear on the cutting board that actually happens when cutting green vegetable.

    Also his bite marks are still there from when Remy bit him a couple of days before.

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    It's A Real Recipe

    Posted by u/Tokyono:

    In Ratatouille (2007), the ratatouille that Rémy prepares was designed by Chef Thomas Keller. It's a real recipe. It takes at least four hours to make.

    Here is the recipe.

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