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Small Details Fans Of 'The Boys' Noticed About Stormfront

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The second season of Amazon Prime's The Boys ending with a bang, offering a satisfying ending to the sophmore season, especially when it came to the hateful Stormfront, the latest "superhero" to join the Seven. Throughout the season there were small details, clues, and information regarding Stormfront that eagle-eyed fans caught after repeated viewings. Here are a few small details fans found about Stormfront. Vote up the most interesting info. 

WARNING: Spoilers

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    When Stormfront goes into her trunk to fetch the pictures of her daughter and husband in episode 6, there is a brief glimpse of a German WWII Hitler Youth knife, proving she was indoctrinated while young.

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    Her Belt

    Posted by u/fae95:

    [Her belt is] the Reichsadler Eagle. It is considered a hate symbol...  

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    Eye Spy

    When Becca stabs Stormfront in the eye, it is a callback to the comics where male Stormfront has his eye removed by Kimiko. 

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    Her Name

    Posted by u/theprophesier:

    If you're aware of the website Stormfront, obviously you'll know that that cannot be a coincidence. Even otherwise, I tried googling Stormfront to check out the actress and almost all the top results were about the racist website.

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