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Small Yet Chilling Details Fans Noticed About 'The Witch'

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Director Robert Eggers spent four years researching to make The Witch as historically accurate as possible. So you know there are a host of Easter eggs and historical references to be found in the 2015 slow burner.

Scroll on for a collection of the most chilling and fascinating insights from fans on Tumblr and subreddit r/MovieDetails. Don't forget to vote up the ones you find bewitching. 

* Note: spoilers for The Witch ahead.

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    The Fate Of The Twins

    Photo: The Witch / A24

    From Redditor u/Madlyneedahouse:

    When the first baby is killed, the baby is ground up and rubbed over the witch's body. We then see her rubbing a long stick down with the same blood. It was believed at the time that witches used blood to give them the power of flight.

    After Thomasin wakes up at the end of the film, and the twins are nowhere to be found, she goes into the woods where she finds a circle of women dancing around a bonfire. All of them are covered in blood. They then begin to levitate.

    Thomasin, who hasn't touched the blood of her siblings is, however, covered in her mother's blood.

    From Redditor u/Rennim:

    The Witch probably took them and left Thomasin. All the other occurrences with the Witch were likely to frame Thomasin, and this was the last.

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    'Like A Sheep Separated From The Herd'

    Photo: The Witch / A24

    From YouTube commentor Mayfloweralways:

    I saw their separation from the town as a sheep being separated from the herd. It becomes vulnerable to the wolf. That’s when the family becomes the target of evil. Notice, every time the father says he is headed back to town, that’s prevented. All attempts to rejoin “the flock” are thwarted.

    Keeping the family isolated was the first step. Second was to slowly isolate Thomasin from her family “flock.” And we know that her mother never looked at her the same after the baby was killed... By forcing Thomasin to kill her own mother, she is now someone who has not only murdered, but murdered her own mother. She probably sees herself as damned to hell at that point, no matter what she does. So if she is, if you can’t beat’em, join’em, you know? I think it’s really about how we’re most vulnerable when we’re isolated from support.

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    The Lore About Witches And Babies

    Photo: The Witch / A24

    From YouTube commentor Abu 'Afak:

    The folklore is that the fat from a unbaptized babe is required as an ointment that enables a witch to fly.

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    The Missing Goblet

    Photo: The Witch / A24

    From YouTube commentor MookieaMoose:

    Did anyone notice toward the end the mother's silver goblet that the father had sold was back on the shelf? It is in the background, after the crow scene. I feel the mother got involved as well in some way with a supernatural force in order to get the goblet back and to see her children. That's why her children tell her to read them the black book, which was the same book introduced to the daughter at the end.