Fans Share Small Details About Wednesday Addams That Are Anything But Full Of Woe

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If goth culture had a figurehead, it would probably be Wednesday Addams. Born from the macabre mind of Charles Addams in 1938, the pint-sized harbinger of doom and destruction has spent the better part of eight decades carving a Wednesday-shaped space in our hearts. 

Dark and gloomy, wearing Victorian garb and her signature pigtails, Wednesday has become an icon of the horror genre thanks to her ghoulish outlook. A fan favorite among horror-hounds, here are a few un-fun facts about the first daughter of the Addams clan. Vote up your favorite dark details.

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    Christina Ricci used Winona Ryder's performance as Lydia in Beetlejuice as the inspiration for her take on Wednesday Addams. The year prior, the two starred together in 1989's Mermaids.

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    A Poet Suggested Naming Wednesday After A Poem

    An an interview with the AV Club, poet Joan Blake, a friend of Addams, recounts how she suggested Wednesday's name to the cartoonist:

    I lived in North Carolina but had travelled to the city for a court case involving the custody of my children. I was staying with my college roommate, and she threw a large party, which Addams attended. I was so depressed that I sat on the couch all evening. 

    Addams sat down beside me and asked what was wrong. I told him. He took my arm, walked me to the elevator, and took me to P. J. Clarke’s. He made me laugh and told me that the Addams Family was being made into a television show, and that he had no name for the little girl. I said, “Wednesday - Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” And Wednesday became her name.



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    Even Before She Had A Name, She Had Lofty Goals

    In the original Charles Addams comics, Wednesday daydreamed of turning into a werewolf. In the series, she would occasionally dream of growing up to become a melancholy ballerina.

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    Wednesday's Middle Name

    From Redditor lulucifer:

    Wednesday Addams's middle name is Friday.

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    Animal Lover

    Animal Lover
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    Over the years, Wednesday has proven to be a true animal lover. Her pets have included Homer the spider, which she kept and carried around in a box, Socrates the octopus, and Lucifer the anole (who is “nice and slippery”).

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    Her Headless Doll Is Named Marie Antoinette

    Her Headless Doll Is Named Marie Antoinette
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