27 People Who Told A Dirty Little Lie That Resulted In (Pretty Major) Life Changes

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Most people have told a lie in their life at one point or another and if they say otherwise, they're probably liars. Some lies are big and hurtful and some lies are so small and insignificant that they shouldn't turn into massive issues. We have collected a few of the best stories in which  someone's innocent little lie get blown out of proportion that ends up being a life-changing event. 

  • 1. Never Feed Dogs Chocolate

    From Redditor u/BriceWithRice:

    Once when I was around 6 or 7 my mom brought home some delicious chocolate and gave some to me. I loved the stuff and stole the bar that she had saved for my step-dad. He comes home and my mom can't find the chocolate. She asks me what happened to it, I blame Duncan (our dog) knowing that he often eats things off the counter (I didn't know at the time that chocolate was toxic for dogs), My mom goes terribly pale and rushes Duncan to the vet, and he has to throw up. I felt terrible about this as I thought it was because he stole the chocolate and was some form of punishment. The next day she brings home more chocolate. Nobody told me that it was for Duncan's own good that he was taken to the vet. So feeling bad for doing this to Duncan, I give him my chocolate this time thinking he deserved it after taking one for the team last time. Later that night my mom asks me how the chocolate was, this time I decided to tell the full truth and explained that I gave the chocolate to Duncan this time as I felt bad for getting him in trouble the first time. So another late-night trip to the vet, and I finally was told that chocolate is toxic for dogs. Duncan was fine in the end, and for the rest of his life, I snuck him meat and other things that would not kill him.

    Now the twist is that the very expensive vet trips cost a lot of money, which prompted my mom to take a look at our expenses. She found that the then step-dad was hiding an affair, and then got a divorce.

    TL;DR: I lied about our dog almost dying, then almost killed him on accident, causing my mom to get divorced.

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  • 2. All Because They Wanted A New Phone

    From Redditor u/makinwar_uk:


    Told my parents I had lost my crappy phone on a bike ride (C.2010) when I had actually put it under my bed so I could get a new touchscreen phone over my crappy Alcatel phone

    Mum went to the phone shop and tripped on a ledge outside shattered her left elbow narrowly missed out on having the joint replaced with surgery. To this day she can't bend her left arm past 150 degrees and can't kneel as tripping f**ked her knees up big style and caused a hernia in her stomach that the NHS refuses to operate on unless it becomes life-threatening. Cra**iest son over here.

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  • 3. Sorry Mildred

    From Redditor u/rumlova:


    I grew up in South Africa, for context its very common for middle class houses to have a domestic helper. So when I was in the second grade, there was a girl I was in love with. I decided I would wear perfume to impress her. I was at my grandmoms house for some reason that night, so I took her perfume to school and sprayed it on myself before I walked into class. Somehow throughout the day I lost the bottle of fragrance. My Grandma a few days later asks me if I had seen it, I replied no. She then asked the lady that helped around the house. She also said no. My Grandma assumed she had been lying to her and fired the lady. I felt awful about that, but never owned up to it. My attempt to impress a girl in second grade resulted in a lady losing her job. I'm sorry Midred.

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  • 4. Toothpick In A Loaf Of Bread

    From Redditor u/RedHairNoCares:


    When I was a kid at the grocery store, I'd often lay in the bottom part of the cart where you put heavier items. I had a toothpick in my mouth that I got from a sampler lady or something. The toothpick became soggy and my 5-year-old brain thought the best place to dispose of it was to poke it into a loaf of bread right above me in the cart. Fast forward a couple of days later, I had forgotten about what I did at the store and my dad is now making me a sandwich. He finds the toothpick, unaware of what I had done, and starts flipping out about how he could have served this to me and that I could have choked on it. I was worried about being punished and already felt stupid, so I didn't admit it was me and hoped it would blow over. Then, my parents called the bread company and a couple of days later they sent a representative to our house and gave us a sh*t load of free breads as compensation. White, wheat, rye, I'm sure it was all there. They also conducted an internal investigation to try to figure out how a tooth pick got into a loaf of their bread. Apparently, they coincidentally found some guy who liked to have toothpicks in his mouth when he worked. He may or may not have been punished...I hope he wasn't.

    TL;DR: Stuck a toothpick into a loaf of bread when I was a kid, fed my family for a few months.

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  • 5. Made A Friend In The Process

    From Redditor u/Alk3PrivateEye:


    Once when I was a kid I invited a kid that I bullied horribly over to my house for a sleepover because I was told I had to do something nice for someone I hurt by our priest during confession (I went to a catholic school)...the next day after a pretty boring night we were playing in the snow banks and I lied telling him my foot was stuck and I couldn't get it out, he ran well over a mile back to my house to get my mom to "save" me...well that kind of woke me up and made me realize "this kid isn't that bad." After that day I never bullied anyone again, and 20 years later that turd that I bullied so terribly is still my best friend, was the best man at my wedding, and the godfather of my first child...

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  • 6. How To Give A Man Hope

    From Redditor u/Chahles88:


    My girlfriend and I used to buy milk at the 7-11 across the street from our apt, because for whatever reason their gallons of 1% was always a dollar cheaper than the grocery store.

    Reza, The young middle eastern guy who managed the store got to know us fairly well, in that we would always greet each other, and occasionally if he saw their stocks of 1% gallons running low he would store one in the back for us because he knew we would always come in at like 2 pm every Sunday for milk. Really nice guy.

    The week before we took a vacation, the girlfriend was studying her ass off for her exam, so I did the grocery shopping alone. Because we were leaving mid-week for our trip, I only bought a half-gallon of milk.

    Of f**king course, Reza assumes the worst. He assumes that we've broken up. He asked where she was and I just kind of grumbled, ready to launch into explaining how her test was tomorrow and whatnot, but before I could he just launched into this whole big apology like he didn't realize and how he just got divorced and how he misses her every day... I just didn't have the heart to tell him that she was just busy today and that we were leaving for the week so I just went with it.

    I didn't want my GF to think I was a shitbird, so I neglected to tell her when I got home.

    Two weeks later, (coincidentally the GF is busy working a weekend shift to make up for our week off) I go back in, grab a gallon of 1%, and quickly realize that looks bad, so I turn around, put the gallon back, and grabbed the half-gallon. The whole time Reza is watching me, dejectedly. He starts telling me it gets better, hang in there, we can grab a coffee if I want to talk. I politely decline and quickly realize this lie is going to spiral out of control real fast. I think I told the GF that they were out of gallons and Reza didn't save us one this week.

    In the ensuing weeks, I proceeded to make all efforts to buy milk when the GF wasn't around. She still didn't know. I "decided to start working out", so I was able to justify to Reza the purchase of a gallon of 1%. We would normally chat for a few minutes and we would ask each other how things were and we would both give vague answers and wish each other well and be on our way.

    Eventually, one day the GF goes to 7-11 on her own when I wasn't around. I guess Reza helped her, made small talk, but was definitely weird towards her. She texts me about it and at this point I knew the gig jig was up and I had to come clean. When I get home I explain everything to her, and she laughs, calls me an idiot, but at the same time thought it was cute for me to keep up the facade and commiserate with Reza, who was clearly dealing with some of his own issues.

    She decided that we needed to stage a reunion. So the following Sunday, we waltzed in, arm in arm, looking cheery. We could feel his eyes following us around the room, I made eye contact with him once or twice, he was trying desperately and failing to hold back the biggest knowing grin I've ever seen. Finally we go to check out and he starts wringing his hands and finally bursts out about he was rooting for us and how happy he was that we worked it out.

    The look of excitement and happiness on Reza's face was probably one of the most uplifting moments I've ever had. He told us repeatedly how we give him hope and how not the whole world is evil...holy crap.

    Glad we could help you Reza, sorry I lied about the milk.



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