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Small Mistakes Fans Noticed In 'The Lord of the Rings' Movies

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With three feature films and extended editions that run roughly twelve hours long, Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings franchise was a massive undertaking. The end result is one of the most impressive, epic trilogies ever seen on screen. That said, it's not without a few oopsies, from accidents on set to errors that slipped into the final cut. Fans online has spotted quite a few. In The Return of the King, for example, the body double actor who plays Gimli makes a rather strange face while preparing for battle alongside Legolas and Gandalf. Some of these snafus have turned into memes. The famous "One does not simply walk into Mordor" meme featuring Boromir is actually the result of Sean Bean having to read some freshly penned lines of dialogue directly from a script. There are even accidents that turned into epic moments. In Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn deflects a thrown dagger while fighting off the Uruk-Hai, but that's not how it was supposed to happen. The dagger was meant to be thrown away from Viggo Mortensen, but thankfully his quick reflexes kicked in.

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