Absent-Minded Oopsies In Movies That Ruin Everything

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Characters in movies often consciously make bad choices, leading to trouble that's entirely their own fault. In some instances, however, it only takes a minor inadvertent mistake to ruin everything. This tiny error is not a moral choice or intentional decision but simply an absent-minded blunder that has a large impact on the outcome of the plot. Even the best-laid plans quickly unravel due to these seemingly insignificant moments. 

A minor mistake often leads to criminals' capture or demise, and similar issues occur when it's law enforcement agents. In horror movies, a small slip-up could also have deadly results. Even when the impact of the accidental mistake is not life-threatening, the results always overshadow the size of the error. These could be cinematic depictions of Murphy’s Law or perhaps the characters were simply destined to fail. Which of these small mistakes had the biggest impact? Vote up your favorites below! Warning: Spoilers ahead!