People Are Sharing Their Small Town Drama, And We're Invested

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Gossip travels fast in small towns and these secrets aren't meant to be kept for long. People from small towns are sharing the latest scandals to strike their close-knit communities. Vote up the juiciest drama!

Some posts have been edited for length/clarity. All posts courtesy of this askreddit posted by Pessimistic_Soviet.

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    Beware Of The Catnapper

    From Redditor u/Creditive:

    A couple lost their cat so they went knocking door to door in our town, and came across their cat crying in a random home's front window.

    They call the police who arrive and find countless missing cats. Some that had been missing for up to 7 years. It culminated in the catnapper, a 50+ year old woman, stuffing as many cats as she could in a car and going on a police chase through our little town.

    Most of the cats were identified and taken home, a very small few went to rescue centres.

    Check out the full story here.


    TL;DR: A couple lost their cat and discovered them in a neighboring home. They soon realized several missing cats from the neighborhood were inside the home as well and the police were called. 

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    A Feud Between Two Produce Stands

    From Redditor u/delux561:

    In my wife's home town of about 2k people, the road side produce stand guy is in a feud with a new SECOND produce stand that just opened.

    The original produce guy trained the new guy for a while but apparently then fired him. Now, the fired guy opened his own spite produce stand. The two owners got into a fist fight and now the whole town has taken produce stand sides.

    The mayor and the only police officer in town are also involved and their wives are fighting. It is truly the dumbest version of Hatfield's and McCoys.


    TL;DR: After being fired by the original produce man, the fired man opens a rivaling produce stand and the feud grows.

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    What A Beautiful Toilet Garden

    From Redditor u/tuc-eert:

    One guy wanted to open a Dunkin' Donuts but the property wasn’t zoned for it. The town wouldn’t change it for him, so he put toilets on all of his properties and used them as flower planters.

    The town has tried many different strategies to get rid of them, to the point where they even made a law and then tried to enforce it. I think they almost got sued and the toilets still stand.

    To be fair, he keeps them in great condition and replaces any broken ones after storms.

    Check out the full story here.


    TL;DR: To get back at the town, a man installs toilets on several of his properties to use as flowerpots. The town tried to get him to remove them by passing a law. One lawsuit later, he still has his toilets out. 

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    A Little Loophole

    From Redditor u/Axel0812:

    A guy wanted to inter his parents on their (parents’) slightly rural, totally out of the way, virtually-no-neighbors property, but the village said no way. We don’t do that here. We’re classy.

    So he went to the state for permission to build a crematorium instead, and he built a giant mausoleum with both their caskets right on the corner of the property where everyone and their grandma can see it when they drive by! And he has zero plans to actually turn this into a functioning business. It’s about half done, no landscaping, and construction vehicles parked all over the place. Gotta hand it to him!


    TL;DR: After being told he can't inter his parents on their property, a man gets the state's permission to build a crematorium. He adds a giant masoleum where the entire village can see.

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    A Llama On The Loose

    From Redditor u/CatInAMaidOutfit:

    There's a llama on loose in this town. The police can't catch it. The humane society can't locate it. And no one is claiming ownership of it. It's been sighted in several locations on the outskirts of town where there are multiple small farms.

    Sometimes it wanders into town and peruses through people's yards. People have complained to the police who claim they can't corral it as it's the Wyle E Coyote of llamas. It just doesn't want to be caught.


    TL;DR: There's a llama on the loose that can't be caught. No one is claiming ownership so the llama continues to run wild.

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    No Permits Needed

    From Redditor u/diiejso:

    One guy started a home addition without getting the required permitting then threatened to beat up the mayor when confronted about it. The mayor backed down and let him do it.

    That spread around town so others have also threatened the mayor to be able to build things they shouldn't so now some people in town are just doing whatever they want with their yards and houses which is starting to cause problems as they dig and cut various things underground because of course they aren't calling to get surveyed for where all the underground infrastructure is.


    TL;DR: While trying to complete a home addition project, a local man threatens our mayor instead of getting the necessary permits. The mayor looks the other way, but now everyone is doing the same thing. It's quickly becoming mayhem. 

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