Teeny Tiny Details In Animated Shows We Never Noticed Before, But Wow They Got Us

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Vote up your favorite small details from cartoons.

Animators spend copious amounts of time planning, animating, and really getting every detail correct. So much so, we don't notice! Luckily these redditors helped us out. 

  • 1. Date Matching Up

    Date Matching Up
    Photo: u/TheJurassicWorld / Reddit
  • 2. 48 Stars In The Flag

    48 Stars In The Flag
    Photo: u/cpt_petrie / Reddit
  • 3. Rod And Todd's Jerseys

    Rod And Todd's Jerseys
    Photo: u/quiquiriqui1231 / Reddit
  • 4. Koffin And Ekans

    Koffin And Ekans
    Photo: u/Stingray_23 / Reddit
  • 5. Futurama Cameo

    Futurama Cameo
    Photo: u/SerYonald / Reddit
  • 6. Creator's Easter Egg

    Creator's Easter Egg
    Photo: u/MidCentury43 / Reddit