29 Oddly Satisfying Photos Of Objects With Their Smaller Versions

For some reason seeing a smaller version of an object is very satisfying. Maybe because it posits a world where objects beget smaller versions of themselves. As seen on the subreddit r/meormyson, these small and large paired photos provide satisfaction galore. 

Photo: u/kennys_world / Reddit

  • 1. Lil Chopper

    Lil Chopper
    Photo: u/kennys_world / Reddit
    240 votes
  • 2. Father's Fleet

    Father's Fleet
    Photo: u/gurudeep47 / Reddit
    208 votes
  • 3. You Only Get To Inherit One Of These

    You Only Get To Inherit One Of These
    Photo: u/batchpleasecookies / Reddit
    174 votes
  • 4. Learn From Nature

    Learn From Nature
    Photo: u/OneIntenseBean / Reddit
    187 votes
  • 5. Three Generations Of Piñatas

    Three Generations Of Piñatas
    Photo: u/NeonicRainbow / Reddit
    158 votes
  • 6. Mercedes Giving Birth

    Mercedes Giving Birth
    Photo: u/iamsajjadahmad / Reddit
    202 votes