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The Smartest Characters in Comic Books

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When it comes to comic book super powers, brains are every bit as handy as brawn — but props to those who have both. From cosmic powers of superhuman intelligence, to good old fashioned book smarts, there are plenty of comic book characters that prove the powers of the mind can be just as effective as any other super power. 

There are always the old fallbacks like our good pals Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, but Ironman and the “World’s Greatest Detective” himself are far from the best of the best when it comes to super smarts. From near god-like obscurities like the High Evolutionary to the more forgettable guys like Calculator, genius intellects for both heroes and villains alike create some of the most clever story lines in all of comic history. There are even some characters you might never have known to possess super smarts all along; you can’t really blame someone on the fringes of comic book culture if they didn’t realize that the hulking ape beast, Gorilla Grodd, is actually a genius advanced weapons manufacturer. 


So just who are the smartest of the comic book characters? The classics or the obscurities, the mighty or the meek? Well, good people, that is up to you. Be sure to cast your votes for your picks on this list of the smartest comic book characters of all time to see if you can’t tip the scales in favor of your favorite geniuses, and as always, feel free to leave a comment below if you think a deserving intellectual is missing.