Family Guy Jokes That Are Way, Way More Intellectual Than You Realized

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Vote up the brilliant jokes on Family Guy that only smart people laugh at.

Family Guy has a stigma of relying solely on dirty humor that is more offensive than funny, but that's not true all the time. There are actually a lot of smart Family Guy jokes. Despite the show's reputation, it still has tons of viewers who aren't knuckle-dragging morons who watch it solely for the fart jokes. No, no - there are lots of intelligent people who watch Family Guy for the clever humor and the fart jokes.

At this point, Family Guy seems to exist in a similar reality to The Simpsons: only people who still watch it appreciate how funny it is. But like smart jokes in The Simpsons, there are lots of brilliant jokes on Family Guy that go unnoticed. Who are Sacco and Vanzetti? Who's Debussy? Seth MacFarlane and his gang definitely know. Here are a bunch of intellectual Family Guy jokes you missed. Or maybe you're brilliant and you caught them, too. There's really only one way to find out - read on to validate that big, beautiful brain of yours and vote up the funniest jokes in Family Guy that only smart people understand. Be sure to also check out other shows like Family Guy!