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Smart Futurama Jokes You Need A PhD To Understand

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With a writers room containing three PhDs, seven master's degrees, and over 50 cumulative years at Harvard, it's no surprise that there are some smart jokes on Futurama. In fact, some are smarter than we are! Thankfully, over the show's 14-year run, it never failed to remain accessible.         

One of the great things about Futurama is that it works on so many levels. Whether you're a fan of complex mathematical theorems and references, or you just want to watch Bender drink and steal things, there's always something to enjoy.    

But for the really esoteric stuff, it definitely helps if you have a doctorate in physics or mathematics. Not to mention a lightning fast pause button! This list will help explain those jokes, and save you some serious student loan debt, so keep reading to see some of Futurama's smartest jokes. 

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    It Really Stays There

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    The opening title card of "Prisoner of Benda" reads, “What happens in Cygnus X-1 stays in Cygnus X-1."  An obvious reference to “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," the joke here is that Cygnus X-1 is a black hole. So even light that gets to close will, in fact, never leave. And presumably any and all gambling.   

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    Your Movie Is In Theater 234,567,890,126,0945

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    The movie theater the Planet Express crew frequents features an odd symbol. Pronounced aleph-null, it is the representation of the smallest infinite cardinal number, meaning the theater has a theoretically infinite number of screens. 

    That’s a LOT packed in to a two second sight gag. 

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    Crazy Strong Krazy Glue

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    After Zoidberg breaks the Professor’s model ship (classic Zoidberg), he tries to fix it with “Strong Force Krazy Glue."

    Strong force is one of the four basic forces in the universe (the others being weak force, gravity, and electromagnetism), and as the name implies, it’s the strongest. It holds together subatomic particles at the nuclei.  

    That sounds like something too powerful for almost anybody, let alone Zoidberg.   

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    Schrödinger Gets Pulled Over

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    Fry and the copbot named URL capture Erwin Schrodinger, the famous physicist, in "Law and Oracle." On the front seat of his car is a box, which Schrödinger says contains, “a cat, some poison, and a Caesium atom." When asked if the cat is alive or dead, Schrödinger replies, “it’s in a superposition of both states until you open the box and collapse the wave function." 

    This is a reference to Schrodinger’s Cat, the eponymous thought experiment from the famous physicist.

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