Interesting 49 Brilliant Solutions to Annoying Problems  

Ariel Kana
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Sometimes the simplest solutions to a problem are also the best. Even things that don't seem like they need creative solutions can be made easier with a few small tweaks. Who needs to raise your arms when you can build something to hold that book for you? These are life hacks to solve every annoying problem that crops up in daily life, and even some problems that you didn't even realize you wanted answers for. Finally, you can bring all the groceries up the stairs in one trip, or easily keep those pesky cords from getting tangled. 

Some of these hacks are simple and some are ridiculous, but all of them are useful to someone, somewhere. You'll feel like a modern-day household MacGyver when you're dipping Oreos with a fork, and fixing tables with a walnut. the one question you'll be asking yourself as you go through this list is "Why didn't I think of that?"

Vote up the coolest, most interesting life hacks that you'll use to solve simple problems in your everyday life. Then sit back and enjoy all the extra free time you'll have, once these helpful hacks simplify your life.
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Color Coded

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Perfect Pancakes

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Don't Lose the Chapstick

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Taco Bowls

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