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The 22 Smartest Anime Villains Of All Time

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It's not always brute strength that wins the day because sometimes, it takes a little brain to outmatched brawn. That why, when it comes to anime villainy, it's the smartest ones that are always the most terrifying, yet, captivating to watch. No matter how fired up a hero may be, it's all meaningless if they don't have a strategy to overcome their highly intellectual foe.

Present in this list are the smartest anime villains of all time. They aren't just among the greatest anime villains - they are antagonists who are always two steps ahead of their adversaries, playing out their deadly game of wits with sinister glee. That's not to say these villains are invincible, but when presented with an impossible situation to overcome, they always manage to find some small detail to exploit for victory.

Whether it's taking advantage of their victim's frail emotions, or sacrificing as many pawns as necessary to declare checkmate, these intelligent villains are a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Listed here are some of the smartest villains in all of anime. Which ones deserve to reign all over the others? Vote up the characters you believe are the smartest anime villains around.