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11 Female Comics Characters Who Are Smarter Than You

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List RulesYour favorite brainy girls in comics.

There are plenty of genius female characters in comic books. You just don't hear about them as often because comics are pretty tough on dames. In fact, the medium's portrayals of women are just as antiquated and sexist as the term "dames." While male characters save the day, the women in comics are often cast as brain-dead bystanders or one-dimensional romantic prizes.

The women that do get to be heroes are often fetishized, shown in bustiers and nylons when they should be wearing armor. Nevertheless, a few brainy women have slipped through the cracks and made it into the pages of comic books. These are the smartest female characters in comics, the genius superheroines and villains who can more than match wits with Iron Man, Batman, and all those other men. Vote up your favorite brilliant women in comics!


  • Pamela Isley never got the chance to finish her degree in botanical biochemistry. Having your professor inject you with experimental toxins that turn you into a superpowered plant whisperer will do that to you. Nevertheless, she seems to have a pretty firm handle on the whole botany thing.
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  • When superheroes need to go to court, they turn to She-Hulk for counsel. Not only is she capable of punching holes through mountains, she's one the best defense attorneys in the Marvel Universe, punching holes through any prosecutor's argument.
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  • In the original Marvel continuity, Sue Storm looks good in a swimsuit and convinces her boyfriend to take her on his space mission. In the 21st century's Ultimate Fantastic Four, she is a brilliant biochemistry student. Feminism and Stan Lee don't mix (Stripperella proves this point as well as anything).
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  • Don't let the skimpy outfits fool you. Emancipated at an early age, Emma Frost worked her way from homeless vagabond to White Queen of the Hellfire Club - a secret society for super rich mutants - using her guile and a bit of financial wizardry (and also telepathy and the aforementioned skimpy outfits).
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