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The Smartest X-Men Members Of All Time

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The smartest mutants in the Marvel Universe rival any brain from any Marvel affiliation (or any smart superheroes anywhere, for that matter). Characters like Beast and Charles Xavier can easily stack up against the likes of Tony Stark from the Avengers or Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, and those two are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a ton of mutants in existence, and seemingly more finding their way to the shores of Krakoa every day. Over the years, many of these mutants have had mental mutations that make them much smarter than ordinary humans. In fact, so many mutants are smarter than humans, it's a lot more fun to compare these mutant geniuses to each other. 

The smartest superheroes in the Marvel Universe are often called upon to put their brains to good use saving the world. The smartest X-Men in Marvel have to save the universe and figure out a way to get everyone to stop persecuting them at every turn. It's like the old saying of "everything you can do, I can do in heels," except for these X-Men brainiacs, it's "anything you can think of, I can think of while being chased by a sentinel." 

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    The duality of Beast has always been the most interesting aspect of the character. At first glance, the Beast appears to be monstrous. Because of this appearance, one might assume the Beast is dimwitted or animalistic. No one would ever assume the Beast is one of the X-Men's brightest members. Even though Beast has super strength and other superhuman abilities, that has never been his greatest asset to the team. 

    Beast has earned six doctorates and is considered to be one of the eight smartest people in the Marvel Universe. The Beast consistently proves his intelligence with incredible inventions across different fields of expertise. When the Legacy Virus was ripping through the mutant population, it was Henry McCoy who cured it. When Cerebro needed an upgrade, it was McCoy who created Cerebra. It was Henry McCoy who mastered time travel and built a time machine in order to bring the original X-Men to the present day. 

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  • It should come as a surprise to no one that Charles Xavier is one of the smartest X-Men. The X-Men have been relying on Xavier's brain, both due to its telepathic powers and leadership abilities, ever since their inception. 

    One of Xavier's most notable intellectual achievements is the creation of the super-computer known as Cerebro. Xavier created Cerebro to help him locate and contact mutants across the world. It's an incredible technological achievement that shows just how smart Xavier is. 

    While Xavier's X-Men exploits should be enough to convince anyone of his intelligence, he also has an impressive academic record. Xavier graduated from Harvard at the age of 16 and then received a doctorate from Oxford in genetics and biology. Charles Xavier was also a member of the infamous Marvel Illuminati, a group of the most powerful and intelligent men in the Marvel Universe called together to solve the world's problems. 

    Charles's real strength is in his leadership abilities. Charles was smart enough to spearhead the creation of the mutant island nation of Krakoa, and he helped to devise various ways to force other countries across the world to acknowledge their existence and sovereignty. Naturally, Xavier was made the leader of the young nation. And, just to add icing to the cake, he helped develop a way to end death for mutant-kind by devising a means for mutant resurrection. 

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  • Forge is a master engineer thanks to his mutant abilities. While some mutants get a healing factor or the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes, Forge's power is that he's an intuitive genius. That may sound confusing, but it basically just means that while Forge may not know exactly what he's doing when he builds his incredible inventions, he instinctively knows how to build them. It's sort of like if a child put together a Lego Death Star nonstop without the instruction manual. 

    Forge is constantly creating incredible inventions. After losing his limbs in the war, Forge built his own high-tech prosthetics. After Stark Industries stopped making weapons, Forge alone received many of the DOD contracts. While working for the government, Forge created one device that could detect the presence of mutants and another that could rid them of their powers. After joining the X-Men, Forge was instrumental in creating technology for the team. 

    Forge is a large part of the reason that mutants defeated death on Krakoa. Forge was able to upgrade Cerebro and add the capability to store backups of the minds of all mutants. Then, those minds could be uploaded into the new bodies created by the Five. 

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  • Prodigy is a super-genius with the mutant ability to absorb the knowledge of those around him. Initially, this absorption was only temporary, and he would lose his newfound knowledge whenever the person he was siphoning off of left his range. But, the Stepford Cuckoos helped Prodigy unlock his knowledge, and he permanently regained all of the information from everyone he had ever absorbed from. Prodigy has the intelligence of basically every other member of the X-Men put together, and thus, he's absorbed knowledge from just about all of them. Prodigy has the tactical mind of Cyclops and the scientific brain of Beast. 

    Prodigy is so intelligent, even after he lost his mutant ability to gain more knowledge, he was kept on as an X-Men to help teach new mutants. 

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