25 Animals Who Are Loving Life

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Are you having a bad day there, champ? Everyone needs a little pick-me-up sometimes. Luckily, these animals are happy enough for the both of you, because puppies and kitties are rarely depressed. You get to live vicariously through their simple lives in these photos of happy, smiling animals.  

It's been proven that playing with animals, or even just looking at photos of them, significantly lowers stress levels. Do yourself a favor and take a relaxing break to check out these furry friends doing their best to make you smile. We've got an awesome collection of smiling, happy animals - from sloths, to horses, to dogs, and every kind of four-legged friend you can think of in between.   

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    This Burger-Loving Dog

    This Burger-Loving Dog
    Photo: u/FuriousGorilla / Reddit
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    This Very Very Excited Puppy

    This Very Very Excited Puppy
    Photo: Pinterest
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    This Napping Kitty

    This Napping Kitty
    Photo: u/justnotdetectable / Reddit
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    This Happily Chilling Sloth

    This Happily Chilling Sloth
    Photo: u/mikepacas / Reddit
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    This Handsome Pup

    This Handsome Pup
    Photo: u/swagking420blazer / Reddit
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    This Ticklish Turtle

    This Ticklish Turtle
    Photo: u/Fluryman / Reddit
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