This Guy Lets Off A Smoke Bomb In His Friend's Car In A Hilarious Prank  

Jadyn Beyer

Friends. There are some we love and couldn't live without, and there are some who drive us insane but we suffer their antics because they are lovable underneath it all. For the man about to drive away in his car, his friend with the smoke bomb is the latter type.

The guy with the smoke bomb immediately provoked the ire of not only his friend, whose car fills with a cloud of yellow smoke, but also other drivers on the road. A line of vehicles quickly piles behind the now-inoperable car. 

Trying this prank in a busy city seems ill-advised, but the reaction caught on video is worth it. 

If you have time on your hands and you want to make your friends look like this guy, try out the prank in the video below. 

Note: We do not condone conducting this prank while your friends are driving!