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Snake Bite Victims In US: List Of Fatal Snake Bites

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Here is a list of famous victims of snake bites. Victims of fatal bites by one of the 20 species of venomous vermin in the United States are listed here. It is surprising that over half of all snakebite victims are males bitten on the hand or forearm, usually because the victim tried to pick up the snake! And did you know, there is a new powerful antidote made using snake DNA rather than venom and works for a wider range of species than conventional anti-venom, which could have saved the lives of these notable victims of snake bite. This list includes all fatal snake bites along with more info about the snakes in the discussion column.
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    Inocenio Hernandez-Hernandez

    Hernandez-Hernandez became the first person to die in the United States from a fatal coral snake bite since 1967. He and Jesus Moreida, both of Bonita Springs, Florida were bitten by a coral snake they tried to kill.[2]
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    Joe Guidry

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    Professor Chavez

    Killed in Riverside County, California
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    Derrick Lema

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    George Went Hensley

    Dec. at 75 (1880-1955)
    Died from a bite sustained while handling snakes during a religious service
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    Jerry Frier

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    Rebecca Nimmons

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    Helen Moomey

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    two Wilson children

    Bitten and died while family was sleeping on the North Dakota prairie
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    Mary Bull

    Died from a rattlesnake bite in Shenandoah County, Virginia
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    Rebecca O. Andrews

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    James Ananias Brannon

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    George Sides

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    Frederick Louis Niemann

    Died in Saline County, Kansas from a rattlesnake bite
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    William A. Perrin

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    Maggie Lee

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    H. M. Pettigrew