WATCH This Guy Was Driving Across A Highway When He Noticed A Snake Slithering On His Windshield  

Samantha Dillinger

Anyone familiar with the Samuel L Jackson mid-aughts spectacle Snakes on a Plane knows these slithering reptiles are also seasoned traveler. One driver discovered he had a stowaway snake when it crawled out of his car hood, as you will see in the footage below.

The snake, who likely curled up near the engine for heat, slithers out onto the windshield to see what all the fuss and gusts of wind are about. Imagine its cold-blooded surprise to find itself shuttling down a freeway. 

Most humans shy away from playing "ship's mast," but this snake took the challenge in stride, exploring all the different angles available to it. Shedding inhibition like it sheds its skin, the reptile even gets up close to the driver-side window.

How would you react to such a passenger? Watch the video to get an idea of what it's like to ride with a reptile.