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25 Snape Memes That Are Crueler Than 'Avada Kedavra'

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Sometimes in life you have a professor that really inspires you, makes you feel safe, and presents new ways of thinking. Other times you have one like Severus Snape - unbearably droll, curmudgeoned, and frankly a bit frightening. The Half-Blood Prince often walked the line between good and evil, and truth be told we really weren't sure of his intentions until he met his untimely death. That being said, at the end of the day Snape tried his best to protect Harry Potter and defeat Voldemort; for that we will be forever grateful.

Whether you love or hate the mysterious professor, Alan Rickman's portrayal captured the brilliant weirdness and complexity of the character. To quote Severus, "Obviously." These are the best Snape memes we could find. *Accio Hilarity*

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    Stronger than a potion?
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    Get Real Potter

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    Stronger than a potion?
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    Nice Try Potter

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    Stronger than a potion?
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    Gosh Dumbledore, It's Like You Don't Even Care

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    Stronger than a potion?