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Richard Rowe
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There are a lot of ways to win a battle, but the most effective methods involve some kind of surprise and deception. Sneak attacks go back as far as war itself, and since then we've come up with a lot of weapons designed to deliver damage without getting caught. 

On this list, we're going to take a look at some of the coolest, scariest, and most notorious sneak attack weapons in history, focusing on attack weapons - offensive weapons, not traps or ambush tactics. This list of stealth weapons is about those death-dealing sucker punches, those meant to take out a single target in silence or wipe out whole contents in a global doomsday scenario. Say what you will about the tactics, but one things for sure: these sneak attack weapons just don't know how to fight fair. 
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Horton HO 299 "Bat"

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Photo: via Reddit
It's hard to believe, but this incredibly modern-looking stealth aircraft was captured by the Allies from Germany after WWII. Recently confirmed to have been built specifically for radar stealth using all-wood construction and radar-absorbing carbon glue, the crazy-fast jet-powered "Bat" never saw action.
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U-480 Submarine

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At first glance, this German U-Boat looks like any other, which in a way already immediately classifies it as an epic sneak attack weapon. But U-480 was a stealth weapon among stealth weapons, being the first submarine in history ever to use a sound-absorbing, rubberized "anechoic" coating that made it almost invisible to sonar. Submarines still use this anechoic coating, and even 80 years later its exact composition remains classified information.
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Poison Gun Umbrella

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Photo: via Reddit
Among followers of shadow wars and spy games, this KGB killing tool has reached almost mythical proportions. Using compressed air to fire a tiny pellet of ricin toxin into its victim, the umbrella gun silently stung like a bee made of doom. Its most notable victim was Bulgarian journalist Georgi Markov, though likely nobody short of Vladimir Putin truly knows the umbrella gun's final body count. 
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Cigarette Dart Gun

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Photo: via Reddit
Say what you will about the KGB, but they did come up with some pretty sweet spy toys. This pack of smokes concealed a clip of cyanide-tipped darts, and could silently kill its victim from across the room. The one pictured was remanded to the C.I.A. by a defecting Russian spy named Nikolai Khokhlov, whose original mission was to assassinate an anti-communist agitator in Germany.