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Richard Rowe
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There are a lot of ways to win a battle, but the most effective methods involve some kind of surprise and deception. Sneak attacks go back as far as war itself, and since then we've come up with a lot of weapons designed to deliver damage without getting caught. 

On this list, we're going to take a look at some of the coolest, scariest, and most notorious sneak attack weapons in history, focusing on attack weapons - offensive weapons, not traps or ambush tactics. This list of stealth weapons is about those death-dealing sucker punches, those meant to take out a single target in silence or wipe out whole contents in a global doomsday scenario. Say what you will about the tactics, but one things for sure: these sneak attack weapons just don't know how to fight fair. 
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Barrett .50 Cal

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Photo: Michael B./Flickr

All sniper rifles are sneak attack weapons, and that certainly goes for the baddest mother of them all: the legendary M82A1 Barrett .50 cal. Introduced in 1982, the King of All Rifles fires the equally legendary BMG round, which was introduced in 1921 as a scaled-up version of the .30-06 hunting round. And the game it hunted was airplanes. The BMG went on to widespread use on fighter planes, and the Ma Deuce machine gun still in use today. Used in a bolt-action rifle like this, it's capable of punching big holes in engine blocks from more than a mile away. The longest known confirmed hit was taken in 1967 by a Marine sniper in Vietnam, and he still holds the record at 6,558 feet. Even from that distance, the BMG doesn't so much "kill" as "vaporize." 

Granted, the M82 has since been replaced by the more compact XM5000, but many people would contend that the classic BMG is still the BFG to have. 
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Poison Gun Umbrella

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Photo: via Reddit
Among followers of shadow wars and spy games, this KGB killing tool has reached almost mythical proportions. Using compressed air to fire a tiny pellet of ricin toxin into its victim, the umbrella gun silently stung like a bee made of doom. Its most notable victim was Bulgarian journalist Georgi Markov, though likely nobody short of Vladimir Putin truly knows the umbrella gun's final body count. 
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MH-60 "Airwolf"

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Photo: via Pinterest
If you've seen Zero Dark Thirty, you're already familiar with this stealth-adapted version of the Army's classic Black Hawk helicopter. It was famously used during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, and probably would have remained a secret had one not crashed. Probably the coolest thing about Airwolf (apart from the name) isn't so much its stealth skin as its rotors. Details remain black bag, but Airwolf is probably the first operational stealth helicopter to use rotors adapted in design from the wings of owls. At certain speeds, these rotors spin almost dead silent, so, an Airwolf could be landing in your front yard right now, and you'd never hear it. 
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U-480 Submarine

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At first glance, this German U-Boat looks like any other, which in a way already immediately classifies it as an epic sneak attack weapon. But U-480 was a stealth weapon among stealth weapons, being the first submarine in history ever to use a sound-absorbing, rubberized "anechoic" coating that made it almost invisible to sonar. Submarines still use this anechoic coating, and even 80 years later its exact composition remains classified information.
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