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How to Sneak in Drugs (If You Really Want To)

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Not that it's a good idea, but there are plenty of ways to sneak drugs into a festival, an airplane, your parents house. . . really wherever you'd like to bring in drugs and not get caught. This list is full of tricks for hiding your stash, but disclaimer: if you get thrown out of EDC or whatever because you tried to hide a joint in your hair, you've only got yourself to blame. Of the many ways to hide drugs, this list has the best tips for how to sneak in drugs discreetly and undetected. Just a note: these tactics work for a small amount of drugs for you and your friends. If you're trying to smuggle in bricks of illegal substances, this list isn't for you. Also, probably don't do that. 

Once you’ve read this list of sneaky tips, you’ll have to decide which method works best for you. Obviously, you can’t bring an empty flashlight with you to the club, but that doesn’t mean a stash lighter wouldn't be welcome. Interestingly enough, ladies have a few more options for smuggling illicit goodies through the gates of a festival or onto a plane. Sorry guys, but you got to vote before 1920, so deal with it.

The time has come to vote up the best hiding drugs tips below. You're probably capable of sneaking drugs into wherever you're headed, just be cool.

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