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The Best People Who Hosted SNL In The '70s

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List RulesVote up the people who did the best job as hosts of SNL from 1975 through 1979.

Saturday Night Live might not have started out a hit but as the 1970s slipped past, SNL cemented itself into the TV viewing habits of the masses.  Even though Saturday Night Live didn't start until halfway through the decade, there were still plenty of '70s SNL hosts. If you can't remember everybody who got to open the show, then refresh your memory with this list of the people who were hosts from 1975 through 1979, ranked from best SNL '70s hosts to worst SNL '70s hosts.

In those early years, SNL hosts were often comedians, though they did get actors and actresses such as Carrie Fisher, Peter Boyle, and Candice Bergen. One of the people who took on the role of host the most often in the '70s was actor Buck Henry, who hosted ten times in five years. Chevy Chase, a former cast member and Weekend Update anchor, returned in 1978 to host the show.

Just like the seasons and episodes themselves, the Saturday Night Live hosts of the 1970s range from great to grueling. Vote up the actors, musicians, and comedians who did the best job at hosting SNL in the '70s.

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