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Every Band & Musician Who Has Performed on Saturday Night Live

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Live from the main stage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, this is a list of every band, musician, and singer who has performed on Saturday Night Live. Since its premiere in 1975, SNL has had more than 600 unique musical guests. It's a dream gig: familiar stage, intimate crowd, audience of millions - many of whom are hearing you for the very first time. The acts on this list run the gamut in every genre of music, from Chuck Berry to Devo to Peter Tosh to Skid Row to MC Hammer to Crash Test Dummies to Garth Brooks to The Backstreet Boys to Lorde. The bands are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent listed first. It includes the date of the appearance - or dates, for those of us lucky enough to be invited to perform more than once.

Because of the show's longevity, Saturday Night Live musical guests are a Who's Who of the most popular musicians of each time period. A look back at the early years of the sketch show reveals frequent repeat appearances from soft rock, folksy kinds of artists like James Taylor, Carly Simon, and Anne Murray. In the 1980s, new wave acts like Men at Work and The Cars stopped by a couple times each. In the 21st Century, it's all hip hop and pop made for clubbing, all Kanye this and Drake that, with only an occasional appearance by a singer-songwriter like Father John Misty or Adele.

For more about SNL guests, check out these lists of all Saturday Night Live hosts and the worst SNL hosts of all time.

  • Nathaniel Rateliff658

    Nathaniel Rateliff

    Indie, Folk rock

    February 13, 2021

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  • Phoebe Bridgers657

    Phoebe Bridgers

    Indie rock, Folk rock

    February 6, 2021

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  • Machine Gun Kelly656

    Machine Gun Kelly

    Hip hop music, Gangsta rap

    January 30, 2021

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  • Dua Lipa655

    2nd ep: 1) February 3, 2018

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  • Bruce Springsteen654

    Bruce Springsteen

    Americana, Blues-rock

    4th ep: 1) May 9, 1992; 2) October 5, 2002; 3) December 19, 2017; 4) December 12, 2020

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  • Morgan Wallen653

    December 5, 2020

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  • Foo Fighters652

    Foo Fighters

    Alternative rock, Post-grunge

    9th ep. 1) December 2, 1995; 2) November 6, 1999; 3) February 22, 2003; 4) November 12, 2005; 5) October 13, 2007; 6) April 9, 2011; 7) May 19, 2012; 8) December 17, 2017; 9) November 7, 2020

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  • The Strokes651

    The Strokes

    Garage rock, Power pop

    4th ep: 1) January 19, 2002; 2) January 21, 2006; 3) March 5, 2011; 4) October 31, 2020

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  • H.E.R.650

    October 24, 2020

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  • Jack White649

    Jack White

    Blues-rock, Punk blues

    3rd ep: 1) March 3, 2012; 2) April 14, 2018; October 10, 2020

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  • Justin Bieber648

    Justin Bieber

    Contemporary R&B, Pop

    4th ep: 1) April 10, 2010; 2) February 9, 2013; 3) February 8, 2020; 4) October 17, 2020

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  • Megan Thee Stallion647

    October 3, 2020

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  • Boyz II Men646

    Boyz II Men

    Hip hop music, Pop music

    May 9, 2020

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  • Miley Cyrus645

    Miley Cyrus

    Pop, Country pop

    5th ep. 1) October 5, 2013; 2) October 3, 2015; 3) November 4, 2017; 4) December 15, 2018 [with Mark Ronson]; 5) April 25, 2020

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  • The Weeknd644

    The Weeknd

    Contemporary R&B, Hip hop

    3rd ep: 1) October 10, 2015; 2) October 1, 2016; 3) March 7, 2020

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  • David Byrne643

    David Byrne

    New Wave, Worldbeat

    2nd ep: 1) November 18, 1989; 2) February 29, 2020

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  • Luke Combs642

    Luke Combs


    February 1, 2020

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  • Halsey641


    Electropop, Synthpop

    3rd ep: 1) January 13, 2018; 2) February 9, 2019 [also host]; 3) January 25, 2020

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  • Lizzo640


    Hip hop, Alternative hip hop

    December 21, 2019

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  • Niall Horan639

    December 14, 2019

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  • DaBaby638


    Hip hop

    December 7, 2019

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  • King Princess637

    November 23, 2019

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  • Harry Styles636

    2nd ep: 1) April 15, 2017; 2) November 16, 2019 [also host]

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  • Coldplay635


    Alternative Rock, Pop

    6th ep: 1) April 7, 2001; 2) May 21, 2005; 3) October 25, 2008; 4) November 12, 2011; 5) May 3, 2014; 6) November 2, 2019

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  • Chance The Rapper634

    Chance The Rapper

    Hip hop music

    3rd ep: 1) December 12, 2015; 2) December 17, 2016; 3) October 26, 2019 [also host]

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