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Snowden movie quotes provide the dialogue for the film about the life of Edward Snowden, who, in 2013, leaked classified information from the NSA. The biographical thriller was directed by Oliver Stone using a screenplay he and Kieran Fitzgerald adapted from two books, The Snowden Files by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena. After screening at Comic-Con, Snowden opened in theaters in the United States on September 16, 2016.

In Snowden, the life of Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is featured, including his time in the Army, where he was forced to accept a discharge after breaking his legs. Feeling an urge to serve his country, Snowden took positions in information security, including at the CIA and NSA. He was quite successful in those positions and quickly trusted to handle more and more sensitive material.

So in 2013, when Snowden learned that the NSA was operating a massive surveillance program which collected data personal data on nearly everyone in the world. Knowing the consequences, including leaving love interest Lindsay (Shailene Woodley), Snowden copied this classified information and shared it with the press, including The Guardian. Those events set off a chain that would change his life, the life of those at The Guardian, and everyone around the world forever.

Snowden movie quotes feature lines from the ensemble cast which also includes Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Scott Eastwood and Nicholas Cage. Snowden was just one of several highly anticipated summer 2016 films alongside others like Blair Witch, Bridget Jones's Baby, The Wild Life, and The Disappointments Room.

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Plenty of Other Ways to Serve Your Country

Doctor: Best I can tell, you been walking around on two broken legs for weeks. 
Edward Snowden: When do I go back?
Doctor: You ever again land on those legs again, those bones will turn to powder. There's plenty of other ways to serve your country.

After Edward Snowden is injured in the Army, he learns that his bones lack the strength to continue his military service. But as the doctor mentions in this Snowden movie quote, there are many other ways he can be of service to his country.

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The Whole Kingdom, Snow White
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Gabriel Sol: This looks a little cheesy.
Edward Snowden: How is this all possible?
Gabriel Sol: Think of it as a Google search instead of searching only what people make public, we're also looking at everything they don't, emails, chats, SMS, whatever.
Edward Snowden: Yeah, but which people?
Gabriel Sol: The whole kingdom, Snow White

When Gabriel Sol shows Edward Snowden the NSA spying program in this Snowden movie quote, Edward Snowden cannot believe what he seeing. The fact that any computer or mobile device can be activated on command is initially terrifying.

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I Work as a Private Contractor for the NSA
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Edward Snowden: I'm 29 years old. I work as a private contractor for the NSA, for the CIA. I've worked in various jobs in the intelligence industry for the last nine years. 

In this Snowden movie quote, Edward Snowden introduces himself and how he got into a position where he would find out about the secret NSA spying program. Working for the United States has been his life, as has working in the intelligence industry.

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Can You Tell Me Anything About It?

Edward Snowden: The Deputy Director of the NSA offered me a new position.
Lindsay Mills: Can you tell me anything about it?
Edward Snowden: You know I can't.

Speaking to love interest Lindsay, Edward Snowden explains that while he has a new job within the NSA, he cannot share any of the details of the position. Protecting the United States' protected information is something Snowden was very familiar with at this point.

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