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Country Singers Who Are Sober

Updated December 13, 2017 19.4k views12 items
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This list contains information on country singers who are sober, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Many celebrities have quit drinking and drugs and country singers who are sober come in many forms. Some famous country musicians who don't drink like clean living while other sober country stars clean-up after going to rehab. A few famous country singers who are sober have helped other musicians kick their addictions.

Who will you find on this top country singers who are sober list? Miley Cyrus lands at the top. She decided to get clean and sober in 2017 by quitting drinking and stopping smoking marijuana. Shania Twain – who is a long time vegetarian – abstains from all drugs and alcohol. Keith Urban has been sober since 2006. Other sober country singers include Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Randy Travis. 

Do you think it is harder to stay sober on the road? Take a look at this list of country singers who don't drink and share your thoughts in the comments section.