Soccer Coaches Sacked in 2021

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Which soccer coaches were sacked in 2021? This list of soccer coaches fired in 2021 shows that managing a professional sports team is never easy. Football managers face many challenges week in, week out, whether its' injuries, bad beats, and supernatural performances from opposing teams. However, at a point, the buck must stop somewhere, and that somewhere is the head coach. Not every Soccer coach is an All-Timer, and some of the managers on this list might actually be among the best soccer coaches of all time. But, who are the best soccer managers fired this year? Which football coach got the axe too soon? Who deserves another spin around the football coaching carousel? 

Many would consider former Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho to be the best soccer coach sacked in 2021, as he's one of the most decorated managers ever.. Then there's Chelsea head gaffer Frank Lampard who got the sack after a year and a half. Other soccer coaches sacked in 2021 include Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid, Ole Gunnar Solskjær at Manchester United, and Thierry Henry at CF Montréal. 

Vote up the soccer coaches who deserve another shot on the sidelines, or the soccer coaches you'd love to see your team hire.

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