The Best Soccer Nicknames Of 2023

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Latest additions: Xherdan Shaqiri, Guillermo Ochoa, Jesús Corona
Most divisive: Gary "The Bull" Medel

What are the best soccer nicknames in 2023? The best soccer nicknames ever typically involve a player's physical appearance, style, sense of humor, flair for the game, or on-field play. Nicknames for the best soccer players can be inside jokes between teammates or players and their fans. Soccer players nicknames can also come from soccer social media handles. What are the best nicknames in soccer? What soccer nicknames do you love?

Great footballer nicknames often have a unique narrative to them, such as “The Flea” given to Lionel Messi for his diminutive size. Other soccer nicknames are earned, such as Luka “Croatian Cruyff” Modric, given the moniker for his world-beating play on the pitch. Notable 2023 soccer nicknames include “Donatello,” “Captain America,” and “The Ginger Pele” Scroll below to find out to whom these pseudonyms belong. Many of these soccer player nicknames you might hear at the 2022 World Cup.

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