Soccer Players Missing World Cup 2022

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Which soccer players will be missing the 2022 World Cup? Only halfway through 2022 World Cup Qualifying, a number of the best soccer players in the world right now have already been knocked out of contention to play on football's biggest stage come November. Yes, you read that right. World Cup 2022 is slated to happen in November of 2022, due to the brutal summer heat of tournament host nation Qatar. So, which amazing soccer players will miss the World Cup this year? Which soccer players are you mad you won't be able to watch at World Cup? 

A handful of international soccer superstars are set to watch the World Cup from home. Mohamed Salah of Egypt, arguably the best soccer player right now, is the highlight. Among those missing out are the Norwegian attacking duo Erling Halland and Martin Ødegaard. Then there's "the Prince"-  Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who represents Gabon internationally and will join them on the outside looking in. Champions League soccer stars Serge Aurier (Ivory Coast), Jan Oblak (Slovenia), Edin Džeko (Bosnia), and Marek Hamšík (Slovakia) will all be missing out on World Cup 2022 too.

With Italy missing World Cup 2022, you could populate a whole list of great players simply out of the Euro Cup 2020 winning Italian national team. Other countries missing World Cup like Egypt, Algeria, Scotland, Ukraine, Turkey, Jamaica, North Macedonia, Austria, Panama, Ivory Coast, and Czech Republic will all leave great soccer players at home as well.

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