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Social Experiments That Almost Killed The Researcher

Social psychology and the experiments that take place in that nebulous world have been occurring since at least the 19th century, when researchers began trying to create utopian communities in the United States. Obviously that didn’t work. In defense of the failed utopian communities, rather than devolve into bloodshed and mayhem, the communities either drifted apart or transformed into a more sustainable society. The social experiments on this list didn’t exactly end the same way. In fact, most of people on this list who tried to change the way a human being does something either ended up vomiting everywhere, getting accosted by a stranger, or even trapped in a tunnel. What are the odds, right? Whatever you do, don’t try these social experiments gone wrong at home.

Nowadays everyone can be a social scientist. All you really need is an outlet for your “research," be it YouTube, a friendly blog, or if you’re lucky, a national film distribution company. Unfortunately for just about everyone on this list, their social experiment blew up in their face in front of the entire world. Some social scientists, like Morgan Spurlock, managed to spin their failure into positives, but other researchers on this list weren’t so lucky. To see just how poorly something can go when you don’t have a plan, check out this list of the social experiments that almost took out the researcher.

  • Writer Goes On An All-Alcohol Diet

    In 2014, a writer performed an experiment to see what would happen to his body after going on an all-booze diet. For five days, he consumed nothing but alcohol, and describes the time as the most challenging of his life. After a week of having nothing but alcohol for his daily caloric intake, he ended up with blood in his stool and lost part of his vision. He admits that not only was accepting this challenge a mistake, but that he completely hated the experiment.

  • Scientist Secludes Himself In Cave And Loses His Mind

    Researcher Michel Siffre has made a whole life out of living inside caves. First, he lived under a glacier for a few months and everything was A-OK (except for losing all track of time). But then he performed what is known as the Texas Cave Experiment, where he lived in isolation under the ground in Del Rio, TX. For a while Siffre had a fine time listening to records and reading, but he slowly went insane after accidentally harming a mouse that became his "friend" and began to contemplate taking his own life. 


  • Faux Islamophobe Gets A Reaction

    A group of actors trying to make a point about Islamophobia in Canada either had their point proven or disproven - it's not clear what they were trying to say. One of the guys, the screaming Islamophobe, began to taunt the actor pretending to be a Muslim with threats of blowing up a building and a bystander socked him in the face

  • Woman Pretends To Be Drunk And Proves That Some People Are The Worst

    In a now-disputed social experiment, a woman pretended to be drunk and asked strangers for help on the street. In the video of the woman's experiment, at least one man pins her up against a wall and has to be pulled away. As awful as that one aspect of it sounds, this experiment could have ended horrifically.